Zika Spread 1947-present

About The ZIKV-MPC

The Zika Virus Molecular Pathogenesis Consortium is a global consortium designed to facilitate collaborative resource sharing that leads to a general understanding of the causes of pathogenesis due to Zika Virus infection.


We are purely an information broker made available by donations to The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge. Consortium members can share information on their studies, their needs for clinical resources (tissues), find collaborators, send news of their publications, scientific meetings, etc. 

Individuals who wish to list their available clinical resources available for researchers focused on testing specific hypotheses of the molecular pathogenesis of ZIka virus should put "CLINICAL RESOURCES" in their subject line.

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To join the ZIKV-MPC, simply send an email with your vitae, an inventory of your CLINICAL RESOURCES, and an outline of your CLINICAL RESOURCE NEEDS. Send your ideas for the consortium as well.

Tell us what you think! Send a comment to jim@ipaknowledge.org

"An idea for emerging tropical diseases whose time has come." -- Robert Ricketson, MD (USA)

ZIKV-MPC is project of The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge. 

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